Heads up ” THE CHAMP IS HERE!”

Heads up king of the ring

It is not that far away. in january 8-10. 2016 KING OF THE RING willtake place, in three rings with 300 boxers. All hunting for the title and the belt, held by champion Claerence Goyeram. Are you the next one or will Claerence keep his belt for another year? Prepare for a fight of a lifetime. You don´t want to miss this.
Plan your work and work your plan.

Enter now at: KING OF THE RING

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  1. Eva skriver:

    These are great but I don’t have a Scribd account so it won’t let me print! I watned to print these as stickers to wear to tonight’s game! Beat Clemson! Please let me know if you can email the file. valeriehart at gmail dot com Thanks!!

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